Kenny Rogers
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 16
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Occupation High School
Status Alive
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Voice Actor Dante Basco (english)
First Appearance Firebreather
Last Appearance Firebreather
Kenny Rogers is a friend of Duncan Rosenblatt. He is also best friends with Isabel Vasques, who he has a one-sided infatuation with.


Virtually parent-less and living in a local trailer park, Kenny Rogers is frequently picked on by Troy and the other jocks.

When he’s not studying Kaiju lore or the back of his bangs, he has one eye fixed on Isabel and the other jealously following his new friend, Duncan Rosenblatt.


"You do look real weird man, but that's probably a good thing."

Trivia Edit

  • He was Duncan's first friend.
  • He likes Isabel.
  • He thinks his dad is a spy.