Isabel Vasques
Isabel Vasques
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 16
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Occupation High School
Status Alive
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Voice Actor Tia Texada (english)
First Appearance Firebreather
Last Appearance Firebreather

Isabel Vasques is a close friend of Duncan Rosenblatt and also the best friend of Kenny Rogers.


Isabel was first seen when Duncan was being introduced to her science class. She told him to sit by Kenny since he did not have a partner.


Isabel is a smart, spunky, and outgoing girl. She has a one-sided crush on Duncan, despite him having his eyes already set on Jenna.

A unique trait that Isabel has is she is a huge Kaiju fangirl, therefore having expert knowledge on them, making her a useful ally to Duncan.

She also spends some of her time reading MEGTAF reports on Kaiju.

Trivia Edit

  • She loves to learn about Kaijus
  • She has a crush on Duncan.
  • She is Kenny Rogers love interest.