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Duncan breathing fire.

Hybrids are half human and half kaiju more powerful than both races.They are supernatural beings with immense power although so far the only hybrid is Duncan.

Supernatural AbilitiesEdit

Hybrids or in this case Duncan have supernatural strength and much more allowing them to singlehanded take on kaiju or humans with ease.These abiltites consist of,

  • Super-Strength:Hybrids have the ability to lift up to 3-7 Tons and more in peak condition and do severe damage to kaiju's or human's in one punch.
  • Super-Speed:Hybrids are fairly fast on their feet and can run much faster than regular human's .
  • Flight:Hybrids can sprout wings from their backs to let them take flight or fly quickly across the city or where ever there's space to fly in.
  • Super-Endurance/Stamina::Hybrids are immune to fire and can fall from 50 feet in their and land with no discomfort for example in the movie firebreather Duncan fell about 40 30 or 50 feet from the air and landed with no pain they can also take blows and punches that would kill human beings get smashed into stone with little to no pain and get squashed by stone and push until they are free.Also hybrids can perform phsical activities for over 24 hours on end without tire or rest.
  • Firebreath/Fire Minuplation:Hybrids and some kaiju can breath and minuplate fire mostly by spitting fire into their hands and let it float as if it were hovering with no damage to their hands.
  • Enhanced reflexes:All hybrids (if there is more) have reaction time allowing them to dodge catch or numerous other things depending on the situation their in.


The only hybrid seen is Duncan although there may be more it is still unknown wheather there is a whole race of them possibly and most likely there is.